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Frequently Asked Question

India is known worldwide for its spices. But due to the climatic variations, there is a risk to the quality of spices at every stage of the process. In addition, as per the grade of the spices, various physical, chemical and biological parameters have to be fulfilled to have a good market value. Also, spices are at a constant risk of contamination across various stages of handling and production. This contamination can be in the form of pesticide residues, agro-inputs, heavy metals among various other things. To ensure that the spices that are sold are of best quality and are fit for consumption, spice quality testing is essential.

The quality of spices depends on a number of parameters like physical appearance, colour, size, flavour, its nutritional content and sometimes its medicinal application also. When spice testing is done by analyzing all the necessary parameters and they conform to the market standards with total compliance, they receive an approval from the official body. The spice testing when conforms to the standards then it is said to be of marketable quality or export quality when it fulfils export standards and regulations.

India is known for being one of the biggest spice exporters in the world. To maintain appropriate quality, different countries and continents have varied quality requirements for spice export. To look at the mandatory tests required for export of spice and spice products and export related document can be referred to. As per the export destination, the quality parameters for particular spices varies, and they range over a number of identifications ranging from physical, chemical, biological analysis of spices to conform the quality requirements for Spice Export.

Additionally, Chemical analysis also measures the moisture content, the amount of water insoluble steam volatile oil, the amount of carbon-free ash and the amount of acid insoluble ash.

whatever form of the product is as per the form of the spice product, the particle size is studied to help understand the quality.
It also measures the amount of foreign organic and inorganic matter.
In addition to this, the spice density is also tested, which further helps in decisions of storage and packaging.

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